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Calibration with SCS certificate


Calame Métrologie SA is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for on-site calibrations.

Accredited domains:

Measuring machines 1D up to 4m positioning accuracy with laserinterferometer

Measuring machines 1D up to 1m positioning accuracy with gauge block

Measuring machines 1D up to 0.1m positioning accuracy with gauge ring

Granit tables and reference surfacesbigger than 400x400mm with angular interferometer, Union-Jack method

 Machine tools up to 30m positioning accuracy with laserinterferometer

 Angular deviation with angular interferometer up to 15m
Measuring machines 1D up to 1m positioning accuracy with step gauge

Specialist for linear measuring bench from various manufactures: SIP,Trimos, Mahr, Sylvac, Cary, Helios, Zeiss, Movotelit and for granit tables

For all other domains or specific devices, Calame Métrologie SA is working with other SCS accredited laboratories.

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SCS Register


SCS Certificate Example

The certificates are established in one of the following three languages:
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de  German



Accredited for calibration of height gauges with step gauge