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Electronics upgrade for SIP linear benches

Preservation of advantages of SIP measurement benches

Improvement of ergonomics and measurement time

Improved measurement uncertainty

Link to your gauge management software

Applicable to versions SIP 302M, 305M, MUL-300, SIP 300M, SIP 550M, SIP 750M, SIP 1000M, SIP 1002M

Upgrade SIP 305M

Lineal Software for SIP Measurement Bench

Technical details of upgrade:

Standard exchange of display unit with USB electronics SIPSI from Cedarnet

For the motorized models SIP 300M, SIP 550M, SIP 750M, SIP 1000M, the motors are also driven by the SIPSI electronics

Accredited calibration of the bench with SCS certificate (internationally recognized calibration by ILAC-MRA)

Complete overhaul of machine on request

Extended reset range for TESA probes up to ±3μm, which increases considerably ergonomics and reduces measurement time

Measurement value transfer to all available gauge management software by keyboard key or foot pedal
Personal adaptation of the measurement software possible
Additional accessories available if needed
Preservation of original steel scale
Replacement of electronics parts not available on the market anymore



Purchase of Movotelit spare parts.

Several Movotelit gauge systems on sale now!

Overhaul and upgrade available! Ask for more information!